Aceh Outdoors

This website contains information about outdoor activities in Aceh.

It has been set up in response to numerous requests to the author for information on outdoor activities in the north of the province - information not readily available from any other source.

Aceh Rainforest

It is hoped that this site will encourage outdoor activities in the province, thereby:

- promoting health and fitness amongst visitors and residents of Aceh

- providing employment in rural communities where there are few other jobs available

- consolidating the peace process, offering legitimate incomes to former combatants familiar with the forest trails

- encouraging conservation of the natural environment, once villagers realise how much money can be made from eco-tourism

Pulau Weh


Seulawah Agam volcano trek

Bur Ni Telong volcano trek

Goeh Lemoe mountain trek

Jantho waterfall trek

Deah Mamplan cave trek

Malahayati cultural walks

Green Beach trek

For practical trekking advice (by others) : Click here

Mountain bike rides

Aceh valley cycles

Takengon lake circuit

Other MTB


Takengon Lake

Iboih to Gapang

Diving and snorkelling

Pulau Aceh and Pulau Weh

Ancient Acehnese Architecture

For guides and assistance contact:

For trekking : Aceh Explorer
Mendel Pols
+62 (0) 812 698 4216

Sumatran Tiger

For mountain-biking : Aceh Bicycle Community

For diving : Pulau Weh Dive
Udi Djamil
+62 (0) 815 342 72910


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Information on this website is given in good faith but no responsibility whatsoever is accepted for any consequences of its use. There is an element of risk associated with all outdoor activities and you must be confident of you and your group's skills, equipment and fitness. Weather conditions, volcanic activity and security must always be checked before proceeding. It is your responsibility to obtain any permissions needed from community leaders, National Park, Police or Military authorities, as appropriate.